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Gilson College is a Christian Co-Educational College providing for students both a primary and a secondary education. The College is part of a world-wide system of Christian Education which has a tradition of excellence for over 140 years. The Seventh-day Adventist systems of schools, universities and hospitals are presently found in most countries of the world.


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They say that it was Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1400s that first sketched the parachute. Although it was Frenchman Sebastien Lenormand that gave the item its name, it was a Croatian Faust Vrancic that first put the idea into action by jumping off a tower in Venice in 1617.

Parachutes are good.

Parachutes are fun. (I remember floating over Lake Macquarie in still wind and looking at the smooth glassy water that I was soon to land in!)

Parachutes have saved many lives.


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